Swami Muktananda Yati

Vedanta is the science of your inner life. It is a mellifluous music, your great awakening as well. Although Its roots are deeply fixed in the hearts of ancient Rishis, it can bloom spring flowers in the hearts of modern man. 

World has produced a lot of Masters in its course. The endeavour at School of Vedanta is to make these Masters more known and to understand their works. 

The Great Tradition of Gurus

To Indians, the word Guru (Teacher) is a very sacred one. It has many meanings. It may mean that which is weighty and valuable; it may mean that which is worthy of honour; it may also mean that which dispels ignorance. The word with its several meanings is known in several countries of the world, in one form or the other, both in education and in religion.  Read more..

Swami Muktananda Yati

Swamiji was born in 1967 at Kundaliyur near Guruvayur in Kerala, India.  Like a divine grace Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati appeared before him as a sad-guru. He accepted discipleship of Guru Nitya and joined Narayana Gurukula in 1993 as per Guru’s wish. He had the fortune and destiny to live with Guru in his service at Gurukula. While living with Guru, a timeless experience permeated his inner being, an ever-lasting spring of love was blossomed in his heart.  

About the School

“School of Vedanta is the ultimate surrender of my life. Following the arduous path of sanyasa during the last twenty years I obtained the inspiration to start the School from Guru Nityachaitanya Yati. I have engaged myself in this activity with the joyfulness of gratitude.” – Swamiji


School of Vedanta begins at the place where at least two persons can sit peacefully and contemplate on the Self. It could be a solitary spot, a quiet house, a temple, or a meditation hall. Anchored from the school, activities are presently concentrated as Vedanta Satsang groups, Vedanta Sadhna Camps, Children’s Vedanta, Pilgrimages, Charity, etc.